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*** INVITATION to White Tara Prayers to overcome with the Natural Disasters of the World

September 21, 2017

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Benefits of Helping Building an International Buddhist Monastery/Temple in Orange County for Tibetan Lama Dawa to Have a Permanent Place to Dharma Teach to Sentient Beings. We will post Lama Dawa's new schedule in 2018 as soon as it is available. Thank you for all your great support.

January 7, 2018

Namo Sakyamuni Buddha  


FIRST TEMPLE IS A PLACE TO WORSHIP BUDDHA, NEXT TO STUDY AND TEACH BUDDHA DHARMA TO SENTIENT BEINGS, and pray for world peace and transform suffering in all people, animals, plants, and our planet...





 Dear Respected Donors and Dharma Friends,

 I am Lama Dawa, a Tibetan spiritual Lama who is  working with the Nimbus Compassion Monastery  (project name) for the extremely worthwhile purpose of providing place to train monks to maintain the Buddhism for the dharma teach to benefit sentient beings,  to do practices to meditation to purify the mind, collect merit and realize  the path and above all to help sentient beings to develop the compassion.

 As well, it is providing for the needs of the monks, rooms and so forth. We also engage in Sangha (community) building in order to pray for world peace and transform suffering in all people, animals, plants, and our planet.

The location for this monastery will be built in Orange County of California state since we have many disciples in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County and near by.  Currently, my regular dharma teach is in a small  place lent by a generous disciple and I need to rent a room to live near the Buddhist disciples. The cost of house and apartment in California is very expensive. Helping  in whatever way one can offers to build a small monastery/temple is unbelievable merit and purification.

In the sutra, Mindfulness, Buddha’s teaching, it is mentioned that making statues, temples and places for Sangha, with bedding and other needs, makes one’s life go from happiness to happiness. All the future lives will be always in happiness, going from virtue to virtue, always positive; not just being born human and having ordinary pleasures, not just that—virtue 
to virtue means having a virtuous life. Even for 1000 ten million eons the virtue collected by having provided these things will never get lost; so you see, it is unbelievable merit. 

As Buddha advised King Sangyal regarding the benefits of building monasteries. “Any human being building Buddha’s temple, even while still i