Selected Buddhist Thangkas and drawings from around the world to supplement visualizations for dharma practice.

Buddhas, Mahāsiddhas, Yidams, Ḍākinīs and Dharma Protectors within the Kagyü lineage.

2'nd Karmapa: Karma Pakshi
2'nd Karmapa: Karma Pakshi

With Jinasagara above and Dorje Legpa Garwai Nagpo, the Black Hammersmith who made the meteorite iron phurbas for Guru Rinpoche below!


Gompo Bernagchen: The two-armed "Black-Cloaked Mahākāla" is a protector of the Karma Kagyu school clad in the cloak of a māntrika "warlock". His imagery derives from terma of the Nyingma school and was adopted by the Karma Kagyü during the time of Karma Pakshi, 2nd Karmapa Lama. He is often thought to be the primary protector, but he is in fact the main protector of the Karmapas specifically.

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