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For a blessing or specific Puja prayer



Blessings and Prayer Pujas


Lama Dawa can conduct a special blessing ceremony as requested on location at your residence or business. Blessing requests include:

  • For a more peaceful home environment or successful business

  • Sacred dharma ritual items that will be used for practice or placed on your altar

  • A new born child

  • Alleviate the pain and suffering of a relative who is terminally ill so they can either feel less pain and or may fully recover based on their karma

  • Blessings to honor a deceased family member, friend or pet.

Pujas (Specific Prayers done with specific Sādhanā texts)

  • Daily Amitābha and Chenrezig Prayers

  • Daily Medicine Buddha (Tibetan: Sangyé Menla) Prayers

  • Daily Green Tara Prayers

  • Daily Mahākāla Prayers

  • Daily Fire Puja (Riwo Sangchö mountain smoke offerings and SUR Prayers)

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