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To sponsor, donate or help build and contribute to the future and growth of the Nimbus Compassion Foundation.

Blessings and Prayer Pujas


  • Lama Dawa can conduct a special blessing ceremony as requested on location at your residence or business. Blessing requests include: for a more peaceful home environment or successful business, sacred dharma ritual items that will be used for practice or placed on your altar, a new born child, alleviate the pain and suffering of a relative who is terminally ill so they can either feel less pain and or may fully recover based on their karma, blessings to honor a deceased family member, friend or pet.

  • Pujas (Specific Prayers done with specific Sadhana texts)
    • Daily Amitābha and Chenrezig Practice

    • Daily Medicine Buddha (Tibetan: Sangyé Menla) Practice

    • Daily Green Tara Practice

    • Daily Mahākāla Practice

I would like to make the following donation to the Nimbus Compassion Foundation general fund to be used for operating expense costs, dharma materials such as prayer texts for students to use at the center, or wherever is most needed for charitable causes related to dharma (such as supporting younger children in India studying and practicing to be monks) to continue to support the activities and programs of Lama Dawa to spread the Kagyu teachings in Southern California's Orange County and Los Angeles.


Lama Dawa's future vision and wishes for Nimbus Compassion Foundation is to establish and maintain a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and temple for spiritual practice and cultivation, activities, education, and promote charitable activities to outreach for the benefit of all sentient beings.

We are looking to fund raise $150,000 as a stretch goal for a 20% down payment on a reasonable property (still to be identified and determined) that can accommodate at least a minimum of 111 students for around $750,000 in Orange County, California based on today's market.

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