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Teachings and Empowerments

Here at Nimbus Compassion Loppon Lama Dawa is specialized in the following Buddha Dharma Teaching praying and

empowerment ceremonies:

  • Amitābha Buddha འོད་དཔག་མེད་

  • Medicine Buddha (Sangyé Menla)

  • Chenrezig

  • White Tara

  • Green Tara

  • Chenrezig

  • Varajsattva

  • Sakyamuni Buddha

  • Samantbhadra Buddha

Dharma Practice and teachings are on Scheduled every Saturday and Sunday : 1 PM to 3 PM, located at: 16326 Mount Nimbus Street, Fountain Valley, California 92707, USA

Please contact Victoria Nguyen for information at (714) 369 0702


  • What is Empowerment?

Answer: Empowerment is a special blessing power that to help us to develop a special relationship and connection with Buddha and thus, though continually relying upon him we can remove the karmic obstacles to a meaningful life, not only or ourselves, but for others as well.

When our lifespan is exhausted, we can lose the precious opportunity afforded us by our having found the

precious Buddadharma. Our spiritual life develops steadily through years of transformative practice. If our progress is cut short by untimely death, serious illness. or the maras of ignorance and others delusions, we may find it hard to experience such good conditions for practicing Dharma again. Through the power of the special blessing of Buddha we can avert all of these obstacles.


We will receive empowerment from Lama Dawa in a blessing ceremony. During a blessing empowerment we come into a closer association with a particular Buddha and our potential to become just like or her begins to ripen. In simple terms, it is a little like having  a connection with a particular Buddha.


  • Question: What are the other benefits of empowerment ?

Answer: By receiving empowerment, our wisdom and compassion is quickened. We also receive permission to engage in special tantric meditation practices of the Buddha Deity whose special blessings we have received. We can engage in practices with the help of a "sadhana" - A prayer book that contains specific prayers and meditation instructions for maintaining these powerful blessings and for transforming our own body, speech and mind into that of a Buddha. At Lama Dawa center, an empowerment is followed by a commentary - teachings that explain clearly the meaning and method of practice.


  • Questions: What happens in an  Empowerment ?


Answer: Most of the action in an empowerment is done by the Spiritual Teacher (Lama Dawa) who is granting the empowerment. At the beginning, there is a traditional ritual with chanted prayers performed by Lama Dawa to purify the environment and remove obstructions. Then he will explain the special good qualities of the empowerment and engage in the prayers and ritual of bestowing the empowerment, explaining every step so that everyone can understand the meaning.

The entire empowerment ceremony can take from 1-2 hours depending on the specific Buddha Deity.


Questions: What do I need to do to receive an  Empowerment?

Answer: Anyone can receive empowerment if they have a good intention, a little or a lot of faith and strong wish o receive the special blessings. The best intention is to seek to receive these special blessings so that we ourselves can perfect our minds and become Buddhas so that we can benefit all living beings. This comes from developing a strong sense of compassion for every living beings who suffers. Our faith can be new and perhaps our mind is full of doubts - but having positive doubt and questioning the meaning of Buddha's teachings helps our faith and confidence to mature and become strong and stable. Any level of faith is good enough to receive empowerment and empowerment can help to increase our faith as well. 


  • Question: Will I feel anything unusual?


Answer: You can feel very happy or nothing special. Nothing happens that will cause you to feel uncomfortable or strange.

Question: Should I bring anything?


Answer: Having a clean mind and being physically fresh as well. It is traditional to make an offering of pure objects such as flowers, incense, candles, beautiful meaningful objects and pure delightful foods like honey or cake. Whatever you wish can be offered with love and faith. There is a monetary fee of empowerment ceremonies, which we should consider to be an offering that covers the costs of the ritual preparations and helps to sustain the Dharma Center and activities.

Please contact Victoria Nguyen (714) 369-0702 to request and register for the Empowerment with Lama Dawa.

Empowerment ceremony and commentary.

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