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An offering to the foundation is a buddhist practice called Dāna སྦྱིན་པ་ 

To make a donation, you can choose to do so online or via mail (details below).


1. To Make an online donation via PayPal - simply choose either reoccurring monthly or a one time donation option below. It's easy, safe and secure.

Monthly Donation:

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One Time Donation:

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In order to practice Dāna we have provided three methods on our SUPPORT section; Either through sponsorship, donation or fundraising. Everything that you see here now is based off the hard work of volunteers practicing Dāna on a daily basis.


All proceeds will go to specific programs, practices, functions, operations and materials expenses, such as:

  1. Pujas (daily prayer practice)

  2. Animal Life release (Tibetan: Tsethar ཚེ་ཐར། meaning the  practice of saving animals from being slaughtered in the future).

  3. Acquiring new specific Kagyü pecha dharma texts. The sādhanās that we do not currently have in our library, requested and authorized for Lama to teach current and new students everything that the Kagyü has to offer.

  4. Lama's traveling expenses to India for Kagyü Monlam and to donate to other charities that are in need there.

  5. Incense and specific special powder substances for Riwo Sangchö along with SUR (Offerings to the deities of the lineage and to clear obstacles, creating merit by making charity to the sentient beings of the six realms).

  6. Torma food offerings to beings that are higher then us (The ‘torma’, Guru Padmasambhava said: ‘tor’ means to give without attachment, and ‘ma’ means completely present.

  7. Operations expenses such as annual website costs (domain name and hosting and maintenance) to keep this website up and updated as much as possible.

  8. Transactions fees to cover future online fundraising services. 

  9. (FUTURE) Hire for professional services such as Translators to translate Tibetan spoken by Lama to both English and Vietnamese for group teachings and empowerments.

  10. (FUTURE) Rental of special electronic audio and video equipment for public teachings in a large group environment. Additionally computers and other associated equipment like cameras setup for planned live and recorded streaming video for viewing by remote local student members within less than ideal driving distance from the center in Orange County (Such as for student members in Los Angeles who can not make it to all of the daily scheduled, weekly practices).​​

   2. Mail your donation to:

Lama Dawa


Mailing Address:

Nimbus Compassion Foundation

16326 Mount Nimbus Street

Fountain Valley, California 92707

Dedication (Optional)

To make a donation on behalf of or in memory of a loved one, please enter the person's name in the PayPal form or in your letter mailed to Lama Dawa.

Thank you for your contribution to Lama Dawa and Nimbus Compassion Foundation.

Your generosity makes a difference, helps change lives, and helps to make the world a better place!

Dāna meaning virtue of generosity, charity or giving of alms. In Indian philosophies as a formal religious act is directed specifically to a monastic or spiritually-developed person. In Buddhist thought, it has the effect of purifying and transforming the mind of the giver.

Generosity developed through giving leads to experience of material wealth and possibly being reborn in happy states. One of the four traits conditioning happiness and wealth in the next life. Conversely, lack of giving leads to unhappy states and poverty.

Dāna leads to one of the pāramitās or "perfections", the dānapāramitā. This can be characterized by unattached and unconditional generosity, giving and letting go. - (Excerpts from WikiPedia)

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