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Sponsored Puja performed by Lama Dawa to receive blessings, & accumulate merits! Temporary closed !

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Nimbus Compassion Foundation is temporary closed due to COVID-19. Please stay healthy and safe to pray at home during this hard time !

*** Students who wish to offer lamps, request any prayers, or send names with a donation may continue to do so  by contacting the Office Victoria 714 369 0702.

*** Please request a sponsored PUJA service to receive blessings, accumulate merits and support center by calling the Officer Victoria (714) 369 0702 or make donation $25 for each Puja to Nimbus Compassion Center and send an email with your special request for which PUJA prayer with donation at:

Pujas are prayer rituals which involve visualization, mantra recitation and offerings to enlightened beings (Buddhas & Bodhisattvas). They are performed to receive the blessings of these enlightened beings, to accumulate merit, and to dispel obstacles and negative circumstances for oneself and others. Pujas can be sponsored to benefit oneself or another, for the living or for the dead.

Each puja is centered around a specific Buddha, whose activity is specially suited to fulfill certain functions – such as protection, removing obstacles, pacifying illness, or helping the deceased. All Puja will be performed by Lama Dawa, an accomplished Karma Kagyü Lineage Lama holder of Vajrayana Buddhism. Donation for each Puja: $25

Puja with Amitabha Buddha: to perform Amitabha practice on behalf of a person who is near death, or shortly after their death, so they will have an positive transition and a good rebirth.  Amitabha practice can also ward off obstacles to long life. Donation: $25

Puja with Amitayus: is a special method for increasing lifespan, wisdom and merit. It is often engaged for long life, and the prevention of untimely death. Donation: $25

Puja with Chenrezig: to develop the enlightened quality of compassion through Chenrezig practice and mantra recitation as well as by compassionate conduct toward all beings. Donation: $25

Puja with White Tara: to promote long life, healing, and relief of all types of suffering – for self and others. It is a powerful method for purification and ultimate liberation. Donation: $25

Puja with Medicine Buddha: is a very powerful method for easing the suffering of illness and disease  – both for oneself and others. He further assists in overcoming the subtle innercauses of illness – the three poisons of ignorance, desire and aversion, and their resulting negative karmas. Donation: $25

Puja with Green Tara: to protects us from worldly fears, suffering and danger, it also moves us toward enlightenment by reducing the inner forces of delusion, negative karma, afflictions and obscurations. Donation: $25

Puja with Guru Rinpoche: is performed to remove obstacles to worldly or spiritual accomplishments and to avert harm from spirits or non-human entities. Donation: $25

Puja with NAMGYALMA: to promote longevity, and removal of obstacles. It is a powerful method for purification and ultimate liberation. Donation: $25

Puja with Samantabhadra Buddha: to 1/ Venerate buddha, 2/ Praise buddhas

3/ Make offerings to buddhas, 4/ Confess one's own past misdeeds, 5/ Rejoice in the happiness of others, 6/ Request buddhas to teach, 7/ Request buddhas not to enter nirvana, 8/ Study the Dharma in order to follow spiritual practice, 9/ Benefit all beings, and 10/ Transfer one's merit to others. Donation: $25

Puja with THIRTY-FIVE CONFESSIONAL BUDDHAS is the most effective way for purifying past negative karma. Donation: $25

Please send a check with the amount of donation to NIMBUS COMPASSION FOUNDATION and indicate the requested Puja name or press the DONATE button and send us an email at

We look forward to a day in the near future when we can once again welcome all to Nimbus Compassion Center.

Our Honorable Lama Dawa continues to pray regularly for the safety of our world to protect all sentient beings with many natural disasters and pandemic. His Holiness Karmapa 17th prepared this Guru Rinpoche picture for all sentient beings to hang on the wall or keep it on a clean higher place to get the protection with these natural disasters and pandemic.

Nimbus Compassion 's mission is to provide a place to enter the gate of Dharma and to study and practice on the Path, as well as to support the community in acts of loving kindness and compassion. Will you choose to become a member, make a donation, request a Puja and support us in any way you can so that NC can continue to fulfill its mission?–Wishing you many blessings, Lama Dawa - President

Guru Rinpoches Mantra: Om Ah hum Banzara Guru Pema Siddhi Hum.

It is ideal to chant this mantra for at least one mala or 108 times to remove obstacles. Do this with faith and belief. If it is possible, you might also do this while taking a look at this image of Guru Padmasambhava Rinpoche.

INVITATION to The Green Tara, Chenrezig & Meditation teachings & prayers with Honorable Tibetan Lama Dawa to remove obstacles to our life, increase COMPASSION & LOVE & KINDNESS and dedicate the merits of our prayers for the world to overcome with many recent Natural Disasters (floods, earthquake, fire, and coronavirus). With English and Vietnamese translation. Children & young adults are welcome.

Date: Saturday and Sunday October 2020

Time: Saturday from 3 PM - 5 PM

Sunday from 3 PM to 5 PM Location: Nimbus Compassion Meditation Center Bo De Quang Thien Vien

A nonprofit organization, tax exempt under 501(c)(3) requirements

Bo De Quang Thien Vien

16326 Mount Nimbus St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

*** Please call Victoria 714 369 0702 before coming. Occasionally, Lama Dawa will be out of town to teach his long distance disciples.

Loppon Lama Dawa is a Karma Kagyü Lineage holder of Vajrayana Buddhism born in Kham, eastern Tibet. The Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism traces its origin back to Vajradhara, the primordial Buddha. Its early founders include Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa Lotsawa, Milarepa, and Gampopa. Lama Dawa 's root guru is Vajradhara Tai Situpa Rinpoche. Tai Situpa Rinpoche is one of the highest ranking Lamas of the Karma Kagyü Lineages of tulkus (reincarnated Lamas) in the Kagyü school of Tibetan Buddhism and was instrumental in recognizing Ogyen Trinley Dorje (His Holiness The 17'th Karmapa).

As a youth, Lama Dawa lived and studied at the first Karma Kagyu master Kalu Rinpoche's monastery. He then lived and studied Buddha dharma at Tai Situpa Rinpoche's monastery, Palpang Sherab Ling, for 25 years and completed his three-year retreat to earn his Honorific title "Lama". In 1998, Lama Dawa was asked to come to the Bodhisattva Institute, one of Kalu Rinpoche’s dharma centers, in Tucson, Arizona. A few years later, Lama opened a meditation center called Chokor Ling on the outskirts of Tucson. Lama speaks fluently Tibetan, Chinese and English and has regularly spread Buddhadharma in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego & San Jose California. Everywhere he goes, Lama Dawa gives the Buddha dharma teachings and Buddhist refuge — the ceremony by which one becomes a Buddhist — as well as the Bodhisattva Promise, the inner commitment to dedicate one’s life to benefit others, with the ultimate goal of the enlightenment of all beings.

Lama Dawa is mastered to teach Buddha dharma, perform many Buddha Initiations & Empowerments, and mastered the art of Phowa (i.e. Transference of consciousness at the time of death.). Phowa is one of the Six Yogas of Naropa. It is said to be the quickest, most direct way to be liberated from samsaric suffering. Also, it is taught that one does not return to the samsaric realms after having entered Amitabha's Pure Land called Dewachen, and that from that realm one can readily achieve enlightenment. So Phowa is like an insurance policy; if one does not achieve enlightenment while alive, one can ensure that this attainment will follow death.

Currently, Lama Dawa resides in Orange County to spread dharma to the Americans, Vietnameses, Koreans, and Taiwaneses & international communities. Lama Dawa is the Director of Nimbus Compassion Foundation, a non-profit religious corporation based in Orange County, California.

Website: .

The goals of this Center are to:

1/ Provide a place for taking refuge, and for developing and strengthening our aspiration to live a meaningful life along our compassion, kindness, love, joy, equanimity and mindfulness with Tibetan Meditation.

2/ Increase compassion and wisdom by advancing the study and practice of Buddhism and Buddha teachings through lectures, seminars, prayers, prayer services and and educational classes given at temples, private homes, and public service.

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