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Celebration of Amitabha buddha birthday on December 10th, 2022 with Lama Dawa and his sangha

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Please Join our sangha to celebrate the Amitabha buddha birthday on this coming Saturday 10 December 2022 with the special holy blessing from Lama Dawa. Buddhists will get better and faster result when praying & practicing dharma with devotion & sincere wish to go to the Pureland of the Amitabha Buddha in combination of receiving the Amitabha Buddha Initiation and Empowerment from a Tibetan qualified Lama. The practice of Amitabha buddha prayer helps to create the conditions through which beings are born into Dewachen, the pure realm of Amitabha buddha. H.H. Karmapa 17 said as long as we have negative emotions, it is very difficult to be born in the Amitabha buddha realm. However, because of the special dedication of Amitabha, if one really practices and prays to be born in Dewachen and focuses on Amitabha, then one can be born in Dewachen.

We, the followers of the Amitabha Buddha’s Primal Vow, therefore, commemorate Amitabha Buddha’s Birthday once a year to pay our homage to him, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life.

Let us all gather on the Birthday of Amitabha Buddha and reflect upon ourselves and realize the truth and reality of our lives, who we are, where we are coming from, and where we are returning to our lives end, and also express our gratitude for making us to realize the eternal life by becoming one with Amitabha Buddha ,

the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life.

Date: Saturday 10 December 2022

Regular prayer practice weekend schedule on saturday and sunday:

Time: 3:15 pm to 5:15 pm

Location: Nimbus Compassion Foundation Center (Bo De Quang)

16326 Mount Nimbus St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Contact Victoria: 714 369 0702

Lama disciple released fish in Vietnam for Nimbus Compassion Foundation Center to celebrate Amitabha birthday ! some fish are pregnant and ready to deliver babies in a couple days ! Sakyamuni taught disciples to release animal for prolonge our health longevity. The compassionate act of releasing captive animals will cleanse one's sins and bring good karma as a way of generating positive karma through acts of kindness.

The Bodhisattvas should practice the act of releasing animals due to the mind of compassion. All men [should be seen as] one’s own fathers, and all women as our mothers. Our every incarnation takes birth from them. Therefore all living beings of the six-fold [samsaric] realms are our parents. To kill them and eat them is to kill our parents and our former bodies. All Earth and Water [elements] are our former bodies, and all Fire and Wind [elements] are our essence. One should therefore always practice the release of animals, and cause others to practice. If one sees someone killing animals, one should properly save and protect them from suffering. [In addition,] one should also disseminate and teach others the Bodhisattva-vinaya in order to save the living beings.

The amazing phenomenal clouds appeared on top of our center during our prayers, they represented the presence of buddhas of 10 directions!

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