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INVITATION to The Vajrapani Hayagriva Garuda  Triple-Deities Empowerment and Initiation with Tibetan


Vajrapani Hayagriva Garuda Triple-Deities Empowerment and Initiation with Tibetan Lama Dawa

Date: Sunday August 20, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM - 3 PM

Location: Light of Buddha Temple,

9452 Dewey Dr., Garden Grove, CA 92841, USA

Please park on Gilbert Avenue.

Seating is limited and first-come first-serve. For information, contact Victoria @ 714 369 0702 or email

Vajrapani Hayagriva Garuda deities

Certain deities manifest to protect sentient beings from the harm of nagas. The Vajrapani-Hayagriva-Garuda deity, for example, specifically manifests to protect sentient beings from nagas as well as from harmful spirits. Vajrapani, embodiment of the perfect power of all the Buddhas, is the opponent of the spirits that cause such things as epileptic fits.

Of course, we have to remember that the actual origin of harm from nagas and spirits is our own three poisonous minds of ignorance, anger, and attachment. Nagas and spirits are simply conditions for our disease; the real cause of their harm is our own mind.

While Vajrapani-Hayagriva-Garuda practice is a remedy to spirit harm, its ultimate purpose is to liberate us from the three poisonous minds. We should do the practice not just to protect ourselves from this harm, but to liberate ourselves by actualizing the path of method and wisdom within our mind.

The Garuda deity is actually a manifestation of Buddha. The Buddha manifested in this aspect in order to pacify sickness in relation to harm by nagas and to subdue nagas. Reciting the mantra and performing the visualization not only helps to cure illness but also purifies extensive negative karma within us, which is beneficial for us in this life and all future lifetimes.

Our ultimate aim, of course, is to cease karma and delusion, thus overcoming not only disease but the entire suffering of samsara, including the cycle of death and rebirth. We will then be able to complete the path to enlightenment and work perfectly for all sentient beings.

This compassionate wrathful triple-deity empowerment is among the most powerful blessings to remove all obstacles in life including negative energy and bad luck. it purifies the mind of obscurations and affictive emotions, and ensures success in both mundane activities and spiritual practice.

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